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Our Classes

At Dancesteps, students will receive the highest quality of ballet and dance training, with many opportunities to take exams and perform throughout the year.

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Preliminary Dance

These classes are available for students aged 3+ for them to discover movement and music appreciation in a fun environment, full of imagination! Students begin to develop ballet and modern technique and will have the opportunity to take Irish Board Exams


Students will develop their ballet technique, musicality and strength by preparing for exams and shows. Students will have the opportunity to take exams with the Royal Academy of Dance.

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Modern Dance

Students in all levels will have the opportunity to do modern, jazz and contemporary. This is a fun way for students to discover different forms of movement and develop their performance skills.

Pointe Training

From Grade 2 upwards, students will have the opportunity to start pre-pointe classes, advancing into pointe shoes once the necessary strength is developed

Ballet Dancers
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